Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
The 13 Portals is a live interactive street art game bringing together ancient knowledge and modern technology.

The 13 Portals, a function of the Free Art Society, is an organization of artists exploring the degree to which art in public spaces can transform the community that owns it.

Perola Bonfanti and Nicolina Artista of the Free Art Society, are the visionaries behind The 13 Portals.

How do I play?
Go to www.13 and click on Join The Game and enter your email. The Oracle will contact you with information to join the game!

What do the portals mean?
The meaning of the portals will be briefly mentioned in the facebook invites and further elaborated on after the unveiling of the Portal

Where does the project lead?
At each Portal, participants are eligible to earn a special key. Each participant that earns a key will be invited to a special “Passage” ceremony at the final event in October.

I have a key. Now what?
Once you have earned a key, you are automatically invited to participate in the Passage ceremony at the final event in October.

What happens at the end of Portal 13?
The secrets of the 13 Portals will be revealed!

Can I enter the game in the middle of it or do I need to be there from the beginning?
You can enter the game of The 13 Portals at any time. Just go to and enter your email. But the more Portals you are involved in, the deeper your understanding of the mysteries, the clearer becomes the knowledge of those who have come before us. Come! Join us!